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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I know, it's been too long. I could give you a lot of excuses for that one but the only one that matters is the Zen Bassmasters haven't been caching. Lots of reasons for that too but they're too boring to go into here.

Anyway, so you'd know I hadn't died, I thought I'd pop in here and write up some Resolutions for 2008.

1. Finish logging my finds from 2007: I think I still have some from June I never got around to.

2. More hides: Every time I go to the Elk River Coffee Shop in Fayetteville, I read some more of the History of Lincoln County book and I find a few new potential caches in the series. Unfortunately, I never seem to have these epiphanies when I have my GPSr and a nano with me.

3. Keep GPSr and nano with me anytime I go to Elk River Coffee...

4. Get to more events: For some people it's about the numbers. For some it's about the exercise. For me, it was always about the people. I've met some awesome folks in both Tennessee and Alabama since I started doing this and I've lost touch with most of them. Yeah, I hit an occasional event here and there, the most recent being MonkeyBrad's excellent Royal Order of the Sleepless Knights, but I need to work on getting to more down in Alabama. Poor Saintseester could probably use a hug after her Saints turned back into the Ain'ts this season. And I've learned it always pays to keep an eye on those nasty hobbits Cacheburns and Rick618, if only because we're the only ones who seem to know how dangerous they really are.... Besides, Rick's old lady is way cool.

5. Cache in and around Auburn: Part of the reason for our absence is the loss of our taskmaster, Vorin, who had the nerve to be supportive of his wife's ambition and move away from us. Some people's priorities are all screwed up... Anyway, Auburn presents a whole other part of Alabama as yet unspoiled by the Boys from Mordor, so I'm thinking a field trip might be in order.

6. Put a cache up in my yard: Reason #2 for our absence is that Ash and I bought a house. Who knew one little move could disrupt one's routine for so long? I know my bison tubes are around here somewhere, lurking in a box in our garage along with the camo duct tape, but if I go out there to look for it, Ash might expect me to unpack something and we can't have that...

7. Hide a cache in Alabama: Now that Alabama has a new reviewer, I can lift my embargo on hides in the state. Wonder if I can finally get my cemetery cache approved...

8. Write at least one more blog in 2008: Hey, at least I'm being realistic...



Anonymous Rick said...

Amy was amused. Yall will enjoy a trip down to Auburn. It's a nice campus.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see you back. If you are ever out to Kansas.......
What rock?

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems Honeychile must have read your post as she has been active again recently.

8:15 PM  
Blogger saintseester said...

I agree, road trip to Auburn would be good fun.

And, hey, my Saints were in the playoff hunt until the very last week, but mercifully, screwed that up.

I need to get my booty out to some events, too. I have not been a good social geocacher lately!

8:17 PM  
Blogger Jamie Burns said...

Where's the Bassmaters??? We need more lore from Mordor! You guys are missed!

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you going to make your resolution? Running out of time.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Home Budget Ideas said...

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6:31 PM  

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