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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zen Bassmasters: The Next Generation

Several months ago, I made an excuse for the lack of updates here. The excuse was that I have been working on a top-secret project with a friend that was going to take the Zen Bassmasters geocaching adventures into a totally different type of media.

Considering how long it's been between that post and this one, I'm sure most of you have given up on me. Oh, ye of little faith... While we're not completely ready to begin the next chapter in the Zen Bassmasters Experience, we're close. Very, very close.

So, for the readers who have stuck with me through the inactive period, I'm giving you the first look at the new venture.

Meet "Zen Bassmaster Adventures."

Yep, the Zen Bassmasters have now gone graphical. As far as we've been able to tell, we are the first geocaching webcomic anywhere.

Zen Bassmasters Adventures is a two-man operation. I am doing the writing and anyone who has read the blog will recognize some of the capers in the comic as very familiar. But the real talent here, as evidenced above, is the other half of this team, Brian Bullock. He's Mad Mike's nephew and some of you may remember him as an occasional guest star in the blog.

For right now, we're anticipating a once weekly update schedule. I have hopes for that to increase but Brian has, quite unreasonably in my opinion, insisted that he be allowed time in his week to work, sleep, eat, and socialize. The nerve of some people.

We're still working out the details of where the comic will be posted. Right now we're leaning toward Comics Genesis but that's not decided. I hope we'll have that decided in the next two to four weeks (I'm going to be out of town a lot in the next month so getting together to decide these things has been difficult) and I promise you that this will be the very first place I'll come to give everyone the URL. Keep checking in. I promise you Brian's art is worth it.

While I'm sure this doesn't make up for weeks of inactivity and neglect of my readership, I hope it helps soften the blow. I hope some of you will shoot me a comment and let me know what you think of the first comic. It's a work in progress.

Until next time, happy caching.

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Blogger saintseester said...

Well, I can't be FTF but I can be FTC. Love it! Will there be a color spread on Sundays???

5:38 PM  
Blogger Gryphon said...

Brian wanted to do the whole thing in color and the tests we did for it were beautiful. Unfortunately, Brian's a perfectionist and doing the color thing was taking him about 2 weeks per strip. We had to talk him down into the minimalist penciling to have any chance of meeting deadline.

He's a relatively new Bassmaster and therefore has not learned to embrace mediocrity the way the rest of us have...

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

The ZB's do the comics? I'm back and forth over the change. If it means a return to a regular schedule then great. That could also mean a condensed portion in the text, are we going to be able to get a whole dose of wittisms in the readers digest condensed version???
I say yall do a man vs nature-esque take on caching, a whole reimmersion into the sport. That should make for some great blogging.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it! Can't wait for the next installment! Jan of What rock?

6:31 PM  

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