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Monday, November 13, 2006

There and Back Again: Alternate Perspective

When we conquered Monte Sano, it was such a big deal that I asked all of the other Zen Bassmasters to write something up about their feelings on this momentous occasion. To date, only Tserof has taken up my challenge.

May God have mercy on our souls...

I refuse to be blamed for this...

"Joan drive well.
Tserof was hungry.
Joan parked van but hit big bump.
Tserof dreads hike down.
Tserof doesn't want to leave van.
Tserof tries to hide the fear.
Tserof thinks trail not so bad today.
OUCH. Tserof racks himself.
Tserof liked over under better.
Wet leaves slippery.
Pretty cave.
Others stupid to risk lives in cave.
They saw a pretty waterfall.
Me likes shiny water falls.
They come out, I decide to go in.
Both Mikes guide down.
Tserof always horny.
Tserof molest cave.
Tserof thinks he feels cave get more moist.
Tserof find water fall.
Fish used his big rod to help tserof out.
Tserof hate taking pics.
More hike.
Tserof make loud breaths.
Joan poked the cache.
Usually fish does the poking.
Yay! We found bling!
Hobbits suck.
Tserof has to climb back out.
Tserof almost give up.
Can see cars though.
Royal Buffett if tserof make it out.
Wish I had cheesy bread :-(
Damn tserof horny again.
Why tserof think about cheesy bread so often.

I'll be back tomorrow with our update from this week. Let's just call it "Monte Sano's Revenge" for now. Trust me, this one's a doozy...


Blogger Linda / Chri said...

Chri interested in Tserof's response.
Chri wondering why she keeps reading.
Awk - knew he was a cave molester!
Chri nervous Tserof talk about Vorin's rod.
Chri feels like she needs a shower.

LOL! I was going to write something up about Scoot and Monkey's Halloween party, but now I am not sure I can.

5:04 AM  

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